Once registered, after dues payment, all OPVA members have access to much more information on the Members Only side of this website.  The Gift Shop, social events, referenced businesses, wellness items, financial assistance through Benevolent Fund, Russell’s Lounge hours and specials, member directory, and many more items are found there.

Your password must include at least 8 characters, including at least 1 capital letter and 1 number.
Full Membership eligibility:
Any former or retired Sworn Officer of the Police Service who was honorably separated from his or her last service.
Any former or retired Civilian of the Police Service who was honorably separated from his or her last service.
Associate Membership eligibility: 
Any former or retired auxiliary members of the Police Service; and volunteers of the Police Service; and the surviving spouse of a Member. Associate Members shall be exempt from Membership Dues.   

First Time Registration Section

ONLY for those who are NOT an OPVA member already (ie. you have never completed and submitted the written OPVA application form), then Click Here.

For those who have previously completed and submitted the OPVA application form, you DO NOT need to complete it a second time.  Simply REGISTER as requested here. 

The Board of Directors will receive an automated e mail indicating your registration for the website has been received, and once we have confirmed your status as an up to date member, we will authorize your access for the members only pages of the website, and you will be advised by e-mail that you are confirmed and can LOG IN BY YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD YOU CHOSE.

Please be patient awaiting the return e-mail as we are volunteer Board members and with several hundred OPVA members, it may initially take several days should we receive many registrations at one time.

Only OPVA members can access the member’s only sections. The application to join the OPVA, must have been received and ratified by the Board of Directors prior to approval to join and access the private member’s site. 

If you have NEVER COMPLETED the written OPVA application form, please CLICK HERE to fill out the registration form as well as the application form through the link. 

When you open the APPLICATION FORM, it is a PDF document and must be printed, or saved and printed, and submitted manually by mail or drop-off at the Ottawa Police Association front desk at 141 Catherine Street, 2nd floor, in Ottawa.